Our mission is simple. We exist to
create things people love. Why
love? Because love brings joy to
people’s lives.

Why the name PLAFORMA?
Plaforma is shortcut form from pla(t)forma /ˈplatfôrm/ and it means pad or ramp, a flat surface that can be horizontal, used as a stand (symbolizing support), but also service as a ramp (symbolizing progress).

Plaforma is a family business.
Plaforma is a company founded by two brothers, Vitomir and Bojan Vujovic. Vitomir, the older one, is a ship architect and skilled craftsmen, and also the leader of Plaforma WORKSHOP. Younger brother, Bojan is a licensed architect and in charge of running Plaforma STUDIO

Maritime and tradition.
We are the forth generation in a long seaman family tradition. Therefore, the sea is our most natural element and the place where we draw our design inspiration. In honor to our family tradition, we have dedicated our Platform logo to the sea and seamen in the form of a ship's flag.

Dedication and hard working.
Dedication and hard working is one of the special aspects of our business. No matter how small the project is, we always give our best. Because, only the best is good enough for our customers. And at in the end, the hard work always pays off.

Traditional craftsmanship and modern technologies.
We are devoted to preserve local craftsmanship like tradition wooden shipbuilding and local building techniques. Using local traditional techniques with mix of modern technologies, we are dedicated to preserve our local cultural heritage for next generations.

Developing new skills and techniques.
In search of perfection and seamless product we are always developing new craftsmen skills and techniques, investing in new machines and new technologies, as well as in the new skilled workforce.

Protect nature.
Platform is located along the coast of Boka Kotorska Bay, one of the most beautiful bays in the entire Mediterranean Sea. So we are dedicated protecting our nature and local environment by using energy efficient materials, new techniques and technologies, as well as recycling of used materials.

Expanding knowledge.
Constant researching and studying new materials, techniques and technologies we are expanding our knowledge, design practice and craftsmanship.

Be creative.
We are always searching for creativity and inspiration in the community. We like to support creativity and creative people, inspiring new projects and new young artists.

Be humble.
At the end of a day the most important thing is to be honest and humble. Therefore, we are devoted to maintain honest relation between our workers, partners and customers. And we are grateful because we have such a good and hard working team.

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