Evarist Krušić

Without good tools, willpower and knowledge there is nothing, Beautiful work! Thanks.

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Spasoje Kišić

Perfect cavity-free joints.

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Bill Morris

Cold molding is tedious but strong, light, and watertight. Beautiful work!

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Paolo Beneteau

How many carpentry clamps does a real craftsman have? One too few.

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Michael Chatrnuch

High professionalism and traditional quality.

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Esad Sabrihafizovic

Sincere congratulations. All honors for true masters.

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Article about Plaforma workshop in FOS Media: Co-owner and ship architect Vitomir preserves the tradition of wooden boats in Montenegro

Our workshop was visited by the Montenegrin Internet Portal FOS media as part of the cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and within the project "Living Culture".

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Plaforma workshop is part of “Creative Montenegro” program organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Government of Montenegro

Plaforma workshop and our shipbuilding architect Vitomir Vujovic, is one of 11 authors supported by that the Ministry of Culture, and its program "Creative Montenegro".

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Visit of the local internet portal “Boka News” to make a story about reconstruction of the wooden boat Maja

The local internet portal “Boka News”, portal about events in the Bay of Kotor, was a guest during the reconstruction of the wooden Maja boat, where he recorded its progress and…

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Visit of journalists from national television `Vijesti` to our Plaforma workshop

National Television `Vijesti ` journalists were guests of our Plaforma workshop where we talked about our recent projects and reconstruction of our wooden boat in a new and…

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