Plaforma workshop is part of “Creative Montenegro” program organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Government of Montenegro

Plaforma workshop and our shipbuilding architect Vitomir Vujovic, is one of 11 authors supported by that the Ministry of Culture, and its program “Creative Montenegro”.

The program “Creative Montenegro”, launched by the Ministry of Culture, gave the first results in 2019. At the first competition within the mentioned program, which should establish a Montenegrin cultural product, as the result of cooperation between the creative sector and the entrepreneurial – production, a total of 11 authors will be supported, 10 projects and products, and one is a scientific study.

“By providing basic conditions and funds for work – space, equipment, promotions, etc. we can say with certainty that the Ministry of Culture, together with the authors, will successfully launch 10 new businesses with cultural interaction. Which is why we want to motivate other artists to apply themselves and their existing initiatives and ideas. Given the importance of the ‘Creative Montenegro “, namely the affirmation of the author and the character of their projects for the creation of the Montenegrin cultural products, the Ministry of Culture will strive to publicly present each of them with projects whose authors.“

One of authors of the 11 ideas supported by the contest “Creative Montenegro” is Vitomir Vujovic from Kotor. It is a project called “Plaforma”, within which Vujovic, in his workshop, produces wooden boats – which are part of the non-material heritage of Montenegro. The result of his work is already visible, and the goal of support through the program “Creative Montenegro” is that his wooden boats find the way to the market. Vitomir Vujovic explains that the process of making wooden boats is primarily a complex job.

“Wooden boat is a very complicated fit and has many elements. And if you can’t see it and have a picture of how this boat will look before you begin to draw it, it’s hard to do something good. The process of making in itself, is very interesting, and it all depends on the complexity of the form itself. Drawing in computer softwares in one thing but, building by this drawing is complete another thing. Because, often, it is not possible to bend the wood based on computer software drawings and you need a lot of experience and know-how” – said Vukovic.

Vitomir points out that for development of wooden boats devoted his love and life, and that the support through the program “Creative Montenegro” mean a lot to Plaforma workshop in order to further improve production.



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