We aremore thanjust a designSTUDIO

Who we are ?

Platform STUDIO is a unique design office that combines different designer practices from architecture, project design through interior design, furniture design up to industrial design and graphic design, to accommodate all your design needs in one place.

Why are we the best solution for you projects ?

Plaforma STUDIO is a team of well skilled architects and designers who are prepared for all design challenges. After many years in architecture and a variety of construction projects, we specialized in bringing unique style and quality to your projects. Our specialty are architecture, urban planing, interior design, industrial design and graphic design. With a ship architect in the team, we are fully capable for complicated projects like yacht design and yacht interior design. Not only that, we are one of a few studios that has it one workshop with hardworking craftsmans capable of pushing our unique ideas to realization.


With our Plaforma Workshop we present all arond practice for your architecture and design project. We have completed the process of developing projects from draft design and architecture concepts to the production and installation. Not only that, we offer the possibility of creating custom Plaforma furniture pieces to express your individuality and bring you a unique style and design.

Unique style and design practice

Plaforma STUDIO is a group of creative people with different individual stiles working seamless together to create unique and stunning projects. Design for us in not just a practise, it is a way of living

Plafroma STUDIO for your business

The Plaforma is created as a place for all your needs in the field of architeture and design for you business. We bring you new aspects like planning and researching business markets, developing brand strategies, visual identity and digital design to help you develop and launch your business the best way possible.

What can we do for you.

PLAFORMA CONSULTATION. Consultation is one of the most important elements of development a good project. Our team of licensed architects, planners, designers and construction workers, with many years of experience and know-how are devoted entirely to each of your projects. We are here to advise you on all important issues related to project management, architecture, planning, design and execution.

PLAFORMA ARCHITECURE, PLANNING, PROJECT DESIGN. Our architecture team is a group of licensed architects and project designers who are prepared for all design challenges, from urban planning, architecture and project design to costruction, execution and supervision.

PLAFORMA SUPERVISION. Our dedicated team of Plaforma architects, mechanical engineers with years in construction and execution will supervise every of projects.

PLAFORMA INTERIOR DESIGN. Plaforma interior design team is one of the most unique parts of plaforma practice. A long experience in the design and production of commercial, residential and hospital interiors is most recognized part of the Plaform STUDIO practice.

PLANNING & RESEARCH. We bring our experience in planning and researching markets to assist and advise you for making the right moves in planning your business. With our know-how and experience in local market, management and business we can improve your business management and services.

PLAFORMA FURNITURE DESIGN. Is one of unique aspects of our design practice. In collaboration with our Platform WORKSHOP team we are designing and producing a high quality modern style furniture.

PLAFORMA BRAND STRATEGY. When you are planning your business or a new project the main thing is making a good brand or business strategy. After years in developing local business and commercial projects we bring you our knowledge and ideas to help you to make the right choices and make your business stand out.

PLAFORMA YACHT DESIGN. Yacht design is in our blood. We are the forth generation in a long seaman family tradition. With a licensed ship architect in Plaforma team, we are designing and building unique boats. So, we are one of the last wooden boats craftsmen practices and keepers of wooden shipbuilding tradition in our local area.

PLAFORMA VISUAL IDENTITY. When you are making commercial interiors, the visual identity and public representation of a business has to follow the interior concept. So we combine the interior design and visual identity to get the best projects results for your business. The combination of interior design and visual identity in a project, is one of the mean characteristics of our Plaforma STUDIO.

PLAFORMA INTERIOR PRODUCTION. We are a group of well skilled architects and designers who are prepared for all challenges. After many years in architecture and works on a variety of projects, we specialized in bringing unique style and quality to your projects.

PLAFORMA DIGITAL DESIGN. We bring you a full range of graphic digital design skills to make your business and projects stand out.



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