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Who we are ?

PLAFORMA workshop is a multidisciplinary workshop oriented towards the design, production and execution of interiors, exteriors, furniture and yachts. We are a team of engaged and dedicated architects and craftmens, whose goal is to create functional and modern interior solutions for contemporary demands.

Why are we the best solution for you projects ?

It is always better to have three aspects of interior furnishing – design, production and installation in just one company. If these stages are controlled by a sole hub, better co-ordination enhances perfection in final result. Clients also achieve the convenience of approaching just one place for all their interior designing and furnishing needs, instead of getting design from one company and finding somebody else to get it done. POLAFORMA the one company for interior design, production and execution who had successfully completed many interior furnishing projects acrossour region. At PLAFORMA workshop, we are proud to say that we are working with talented and skilled carpenters, artisan and builders, and also using the finest materials and working equipment. In thismultidisciplinary and collaborative practice in which the creativity and knowledge are closely intertwined, we aspire to be different and to offer only top construction quality results to our clients.


We have a reputation is building innovative designs, custom interors, by using inovative materials and tehnologies. We specialize in solving difficult design tascks and bridging the gap between architecture, engineering and craftsmanship. We work hand-in-hand with our architects and designers team in Plaforma Studio to create interiers and pieces that are a reflection of our passion for craftsmanship and service.

Craft with passion

In the end, when all pieces come together and the interior shines in its full glory, the final product has to tell its own unique story. The smoothness of its surfaces, the beauty of its natural look and feel, the comfort when using it, everything is equally important. So, with extraordinary love for details and finishes, every piece of our interior or furniture breathes the passion of PLAFORMA workshop. By using innovative technology, cutting-edge machines and green building processes, you get high-end quality, made with the future of our world in mind.

WORKSHOP for your business

Commitment to excellence, responsibility, integrity and most importantly to our customers is the foundation of our business. We are inspired by our clients’ satisfaction and we approach every project with a dedication to offer our knowledge, resources and our best service to meet clients’ wishes. Therefore, after many years of hard work and gained experience in various projects from designing home interior to execution of commercial interiors, our team has provided you with the "turn-key" building system for your interior project. Building on the turn-key system means that our company performs all the construction works on the interior of your facility and after the technical reception or design project, the facility is handed over, which is completely finished and ready for use. We offer turn-key" building system , for private houses, offices, production sites, commercial environments, exhibition stands etc…

What can we do for you.

PLAFORMA CONSULTATION. Design and construction consultations with our PLAFORMA architects and artisans, are highly personalized and specific to each project individually. With a lot of experience in creating modern architecture and interiors on various scales, PLAFORMA team has the expertise, knowledge, and technical know-how to understand buildings, interiors and design processes. We are a problem-solvers who can spot issues before they rise and has a strategic mindset to effectively see the big picture without missing the smaller details.

PLAFORMA INTERIOR PRODUCTION. Our fabrication team is a highly skilled group of craftsmen, with years of experience. Our state of the art machines and passion for detail will provide you with the highest interor quality and high class finishing. Becouse our mission is simple, to create world class interiors and furnishings tailored to your specific needs, desires and life style.

PLAFORMA SUPERVISION. Our team of licensed architect will help to control the process of the construction / execution of your project accordance to the agreed project drawings and details. Defining materials, equipment and furniture with the client to get the best out of your project according to estimated budget. Adjustment of work drawings during construction and changing of the project details is just a small part of what supervision means and how effective it is for successful finishing of a project.

PLAFORMA FURNITURE PRODUCTION. Except interiors, we are also designing and producing furniture lines, as well as individual pieces of custom made furniture, which we consider to be true art. Our furnishings are characterized by their impeccable styling, based on technically flawless finish, masterfully shaped into a settled and sophisticated design.

PLAFORMA CONSTRUCTION. At PLAFORMA workshop, we are working all rough construction works, from construction building, through placement of all types of installations to carpentry works and setting final details in the interior. We offer also turn-key" building system , for private houses, offices, production sites, commercial environments, exhibition stands etc…

PLAFORMA YACHT PRODUCTION. Is one of unique aspects of our design practice. In collaboration with our Platform WORKSHOP team we are designing and producing a high quality modern style furniture.



Water entices, whether it is an orange sun sinking below the horizon of a mirror like sea, or the pounding waves smashing into a rocky shore, it always affects you in some shape or form. It might be calming, or out right exhilarating, but it is always inspiring. It clears your mind, leaving room for new plans and ideas. And for some, it is the spark that inspires them to on a new adventure: building their own perfect boat.

Our heritage is our identity.
Our heritage in one logo

PLAFORMA logo. We are the forth generation in a long seaman family tradition. Therefore, the sea is our most natural element and the place where we draw our design inspiration. In honor to our family tradition, we have dedicated our Platform logo to the sea and hard working seamen in the form of a ship's flag. Click for more to see others fantastic thing about Plaforma.



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